Achieve your highest level of success.


How your company’s mission, brand and culture work together will signal whether you have an effective foundation on which to build your future. Motivated by a clear strategic plan and company culture, your employees will be empowered to effectively deliver a compelling customer experience that directly and positively impacts your PROFIT.


Why do only 10% of companies achieve their goals and strategic plans? Because only 15% of employees know the purpose, direction and goals of their organization.

We will help move  toward developing, communicating and executing a strategic plan that gets results at the highest level
by all in the organization.



 bringing your team together to strategically move your business toward sustained, long-term growth.


“Every business has a purpose greater than sales and numbers.”

KEA Advisors take a different road to improving business success. Our approach to improving PROFIT is no different. Our objective is to increase overall dealership organizational effectiveness and operational efficiencies measured by Return on Assets/Investment by department. This is accomplished by developing, implementing and executing a long-term strategic plan.


Strategic Planning Road Map and Process

1. Dealer PROFIT Discover – identifies the financial performance “gaps”

2. Organizational and Market Assessment – identifies organization effectiveness and market segment “gaps”

3. Annual strategic business plan including development of business foundation, six critical success factors and budgeting – develops a game plan to closes the “gaps”

4. Performance Management Systems – monitors to hold dealership personnel accountable for executing the plans to close the “gaps”




MOMENTUM will help your company discover how to execute at the highest level over 3 years. Then, we will plan weekly, monthly and annual reviews to build continual growth.



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