CLIENT TESTIMONIAL: Rocky Mountain Diesel

October 2016


I had been running Rocky Mountain Diesel without a strategic plan. Scooby Barbre has been a trusted consultant to our fixed ops department, and he suggested that we bring in Greg Fenn for strategic planning. I value the opinions of industry experts, and knew it would be valuable to have someone onsite for the 30,000 foot view.


Departments often work with a siloed approach - often guarding their own teams and goals, which can create enough internal conflict to be an obstacle to fulfilling the dealership's potential. My hope for going through the strategic planning process was bring senior management further into the fold, to get their opinions on the future of the dealership, and ultimately, to align our goals and get us all pulling in the same direction.


Greg Fenn came to us and observed our operation. He led an enlightening meeting where we spent time analyzing what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. We defined who we are as a company, and began building a strategic plan to understand who Rocky Mountain Diesel is, why we do what we do, where we're trying to get to, and who needs to be accountable for the steps along the way.


Having a document to refer to is extremely valuable. I have an aggressive growth strategy, and having the plan frees up a lot of my time to focus on growth. I no longer have to get involved in day to day tasks that are now being looked after. We call up our strategic plan on a monthly basis, to track activities and progress. It gives us a governing structure to refer back to, and prevents us from getting lost in the daily whirlwind.


I am happy to say that our senior management teams are working together more cohesively than ever. They look out for each other and are all striving towards the same thing. Working with KEA Advisors on a strategic plan was a great experience, and I look forward to a long relationship with them.


Chris Thom, Owner : Rocky Mountain Diesel


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